O4 Dreamy m-Learning Web Portal

This output will be lead by ORKON and GUIMEL will help it. It will be built up as the project develops. Complete Web portal will be converted into multilanguage containing all projects’ partner languages. www.dreamy-m-learning.org web site is already set-up and in progress in the project.

The mobile compatible (mobile friendly) project portal will be a key medium for mobile training platform also communication and dissemination activities will be used to inform partners and other relevant stakeholders about ongoing activities and as a download centre for relevant documents and modules. It will be built up as the project develops. At the end of the phase will be determined of detailed methodology and modelling the infrastructure.
Web portal will consist of a user-friendly system with a simple, and functional infrastructure. Thanks to platform, will be managed all of the processes associated with running training courses, will applicable at the open platform. Developed Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter & other social networking sites (which will be established by the dissemination coordinator GUIMEL + AFASPIM) and these links will appear at this website. Will contain iphone styled optimized button graphics (will be given by DANMAR), which is why the web pages do not take a lot of time to load. The products of all activities and the future outputs will take place on the web portal In this respect, web portal will be established covering the following components:
• Both introductory documents, i.e. articles & learning materials and the m-training course modules will take place on the website,
• Web content management system with a dynamic collection of web material,
• Capability to control, auditing, editing and control of the system on the web,
• Online chats for IOS, Android
• Online secure system,
• User profiles,
• Sharing areas,
• Establishment of social media, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Flicker.
• Integrated – Google Analytics and YouTube Analytics

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