O5 Dreamy m- Learning Handbook

Dreamy m- Learning Handbook will be coordinated by LJUBLJANI and GUIMEL will help it. Handbook will aim to motivate and assist of the course participants that how to navigate through on line m- courses and how to use the project and the system performed in the project.

Handbook will include the following topics:
– How to download Dreamy m- mobile application
– How to use Internet portal of Dreamy m- Learning
-Practical tips, tactics for successful engagement of digital markets and social media communities
– Potential challenges women face and how to overcome them
– Success stories of women who are micro entrepreneurs
(March 2018- December 2018)
Additions to Table of Contents will be formed by the taken results from the National reports searches,
It will be approximately 150 pages,
All the partners will contribute for the content of the handbook and will be decided all together to have an efficient handbook for the target group.

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