O1 Background and Analytical Needs Analysis

This output will be coordinated by GAZİ University. The aim is in this output an extensive search specific training requirements of learners will be based on country reports.

Dreamy m -Learning project will start needs and background analyses; each country will prepare their own country reports. Country reports will include statistical data and for the training needs assessment “practical information” for women that needed for the Dreamy training content.

The practical information will relate the women’s potential business. These information will be concerned about online local marketplace where can they sell their handicrafts and how can they register their business name in their country; where can they obtain the tax identification number; include list of local address to get licenses and permits; also information about government backed loans, local tax incentives; financial resources opportunities in countries to women who want to start a new business as an e- entrepreneur.

Country reports then will be compiled into one single summary report as SOTA and will be published as a report and on the web page available in six languages.

Table of Contents:
Background & needs analysis in each partner country,
Specification of target groups in the countries
Survey on the demands of target group from Dreamy m-Learning project,,
Types of works performed in each country, comparison between the countries,
What is known and what is unknown in the countries,
Necessary information about Administrative and Legal Procedures to Sell Hand Made Product
Rate of working/rate of earning analysis in the countries,
Future analysis of selling rates after the training with Dreamy m-learning project,
Economical benefits of the work and selling them,
Probability to be an entrepreneur after Dreamy m-learning project,

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