Gazi University is one of the few universities whose history dates back to 1920s. Educational facilities are spread out in five different campuses that comprises 21 faculties, 4 schools, 11 vocational schools of higher education, 48 research centers and 7 graduate institutes. Offers majors in education, communication, fine arts, engineering, sports, forestry, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, science as well as economics and technology. The student enrolment of Gazi University has reached approximately 80,000 in total, of whom about 1,500 come from the Turkic states of Central Asia. Five thousand students are enrolled in graduate programs. With more than 7,000 staff (academic, technical and administrative) the university on par with the world average in terms of the number of students per instructor.

GU is very decisive and ambitious in fulfilling the requirements of the Bologna Process to which Turkey became a party to in 2001. Since then, has reflected Bologna Process implementation to formal education programmes through regulation modifications. For all programmes, learning outcomes and the ECTS credits of these outcomes have been defined and the course definition forms including this information have been placed on the web sites of the academic units. University gives DS to all graduate students upon request. Quality assurance practices, a fundamental element of Bologna Process is being carried out intensively during the last fifteen years. The university started a bilateral cooperation for student and academic staff mobility immediately after receiving Erasmus University Charter in 2004. In 2005, university became an active member of the European Universities Association (EUA). Project Coordination, Implementation and Research Centre established in 2001 and various international programs are executed and managed. Also with lots of protocols and assignments; Gazi University has partnerships with other universities both in Turkey and around the world, state institutions, private corporations and industrial enterprises.


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