Family and Social Policies Directorate of Afyonkarahisar (AFASPIM) is one of the 81 directorates of Turkish Republic Ministry of Family and Social Policies and it is a non-profit public body. We have 11 structures which serve for geriatrics, children and women in Afyonkarahisar. In these 11 structures, totally, 500 staff works. Among these staffs there are phycologists, social workers, child development experts, lawyers, nurses, physiotherapists, deaf languages therapists and researchers are working.

In our directorate, we have a Department of Women Services, which help women, who applied to our department, by the social, phycological, economic and juristicial ways. According to problem type of women our lawyers, phycologists and other experts give counseling services to this disadvantaged women. As an example, our finance experts give counseling about unrequited economic funds for women, who have financial difficulties.In the women’s shelter of Afyonkarahisar office affiliated to the directorate, services are provided for women who are victims of physical, sexual, phychological or economic violance with no discrimination and only taking into account the woman’s declaration.

Care is taken to ensure the privacy and security of the female guest house and services are provided at the appropriate premises provided tha each room is provided with a room for each family. Also In women’s shelter, the conflict between women’s family or husband is examined and regarding to solve problems, and with directing to them responding institutions, and these institutions women can take security, consultancy, psychological, legal and medical support, temporary payment aid, nursery, training course, team working, scholarship for kids, social, artistic and sportive activities.

In addition, the women and their children’s, who stays in women’s shelter, allowance, clothing and education expenses, are paid in Ministry’s budget. Moreover, regarding to different problems which are appeared, will be solved by well-disciplined team working understanding.

Summary of our main duties are:
– Coordinating the assintance activities for disadvantaged groups of the society
– Coordinating the determination of policies and strategies for prevention of discrimination of women and women rights
– Social sevices for women and coordinating and bringing together public bodies and volunteer associacition for this services

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